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meet our farmers

lyon farms

Farmers: Rose & Mark Lyon 

Location: Creedmoor, NC

Produce:  NC Strawberries

whalen farms

Farmers: Jeff Whalen

Location: Shamong, NJ

Produce:  NJ Blueberries

t.c. smith produce

Farmers: Curtis & Kim Smith

Location: Seven Springs, NC

Produce:  NC Strawberries

pure berry co.

Farmers: Bryan Jewell & Matt McMahon

Location: Vineland, NJ

Produce:  NJ Blackberries

lineberger's maple springs farm

Farmers: Frankie & Ethan Lineberger

Location: Dallas, NC

Produce:  NC Blackberries & Strawberries

cottle farms

Farmers: Royce Strickland & Ron Cottle

Location: Faison, NC

Produce:  NC Blueberries & Strawberries

gingerich farms

Farmers: Verne Gingerich

Location: Canby, OR

Produce:  OR Blueberries

cahoon farms

Farmers: Chuck Frederick & Chris Loveless

Location: Wolcott, NY

Produce:  NY Apples & Cherries

molodyh farms

Farmers: Gabriel Molodyh

Location: Aurora, OR

Produce:  OR Strawberries

titan farms

Farmers: Chalmers & Lori Anne Carr

Location: Ridge Spring, SC

Produce:  SC Peaches

faith farms

Farmers: The Webb Family

Location: Shelby, NC

Produce:  NC Blackberries

peterson farms

Farmers: Earl Peterson

Location: Shelby, MI

Produce:  MI Apples, Blueberries, Cherries &  Peaches

carlsbad strawberry co.

Farmers: Jimmy & Heather Ukegawa

Location: Carlsbad, CA

Produce:  CA Strawberries

Florida Blueberry Nursery

Farmers: Dave Weber

Location: Winter Haven, FL

Produce:  FL Blueberries

rhoads farms

Farmers: The Rhoads Family

Location: Circleville, OH

Produce:  OH Blackberries

habelman bros.

Farmers: Ray & Ray Habelman

Location: Wisconsin Rapids, WI

Produce:  WI Cranberries

reeves farms

Farmers: The Reeves Family

Location: Baldwinsville, NY

Produce:  NY Strawberries


blackberry farms

Farmers: Dan & Jessica Perdue

Location: Perry, GA

Produce:  GA Blackberries

"The benefit of working with Seal the Seasons is that we can wait that extra day so that the berries are their absolute sweetest. We can pick two days later than we normally would and seal in that flavor when it's frozen." 
- Bryan Jewell | Pure Berry Co.
Grow With Us!

Are you interested in selling your produce to Seal the Seasons? Let us know by filling in the information below. Let us know the types of crops you sell, acres in cultivation and when you would have crops to sell. 

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